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Northwich Site Clearance of Trees Shrubs and other vegetation.

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Our tree and shrub  site clearance teams cover the entire Northwest region of the UK, including Northwich.

Northwich Tree Surgeon is an industry leader in rapid mechanised tree, vegetation, and land clearing for the construction, utilities, home building, and forestry industries. Delivering large-scale tree removal projects on schedule and to budget. If you need trees clearing from a site, get in touch.

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Tree Site Clearances Northwich

Northwich Tree Services

We give competent, efficient, and industry-compliant services for all your commercial land clearance needs, with a diverse portfolio of projects that includes:


·         Habitat translocation /mitigation

·         Site project management for quality and delivery

·         Stump removal and/or mulching

·         Tree surgery services

·         Ecology services/advice

·         Mechanical low-noise tree felling

·         Whole tree chipping (removed or left on site)

·         Complete vegetation clearance

·         Difficult area access clearance


Northwich Site Clearance

Northwich Tree Surgeon performs tree clearance in Northwich, site clearance, and full land clearing in a timely and safe manner, removing entire trees of any diameter. In the Northwich area, we have extensive site, tree, and land clearing experience in the construction and utility sectors. (We are CIS registered)

We also undertake mulching operations as part of the clearance service to remove the material of excavated stumps and root balls, as well as the remains of felled trees and plants.

Hedgerow, scrub plants, and tiny trees are mulched.

Any size of timber, brash from felled trees, scrub vegetation, and roots that have not been chipped or sold as lumber can be mulched with one of our high power forestry mulchers. The mulched arisings can be recycled into the earth as humus, obviating the need for costly landfill disposal.


Northwich Land Clearance

Tree Stumps and Roots Removal
Tree stumps of any size are grubbed up with an excavator and mulched with a forestry mulcher for inclusion into the topsoil strip, or they are hauled from the site to a licensed Recycling Station as needed. This efficient strategy optimised side root removal while ensuring that subsequent transactions do not meet concealed roots. Tree stumps near structures or services can be entirely or partially ground out utilising our pedestrian-operated wheeled or tracked stump grinder.

Site-clearing projects in construction and civil engineering

We have many years of expertise in clearing regions for construction and civil engineering projects, such as clearing trees, plants, and scrub. We use specialised heavy equipment such as mulchers, excavators, and tree shears, which are all operated by trained CSCS-certified specialists. We have experience in road and rail construction clearance, for example:

  • Caldwell Construction Ltd – Former Paper Mill, Radcliffe. 5-day site clearance.
  • St Columba’s RC School – Northwich. Arborist report and later removal of 4 large Ash trees with Ash dieback + 4 other tree removals.
  • Cassel & Fletcher – Bury Magistrates Court – Site clearance.
Site Clearances Trees and Shrubs

Site Clearances Trees and Shrubs

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Northwich Tree Removal & Site Clearance Experts

Our site clearance work is done with proficient high-powered machinery to ensure a rapid and effective land clearance service that keeps projects on track.

Our Site Clearance leaves your site ready for ground work after mulching vegetation. In most situations, the mulched material is absorbed into the top soil or is scraped out and stockpiled on site for use as a mulching medium. This makes the land more fertile for the future! Your clients will love it!

For professional and ecologically friendly site clearing, land clearance, and tree clearance in Northwich, please contact one of our Site Clearance specialists, who will review your specific needs and provide a pricing quote.